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The invention of the television was the work of many people in the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Individuals and companies competed in different parts of the world to deliver a device that replaced previous technology.

Many were forced to exploit the invention and gain profits, while some wanted to change the world through visual and audio communication technology.

After two centuries with this magic box we had been entertained, informed and connected. It has very rapid development and invasion and made our planet a village.

We see the sporting events, the fall of the empires and the powers, the appearance of so many people and global problems.

We enjoyed every moment of movies in front of the TV and enjoyed every moment of it.

But after the internet, tehchnology has a very rapid development, to be honest nobody can stop it. We are witnessing that we can now take a place with a smart device and see what we want and what we need.

You can follow the results of the ellections, you can see when and where is the weather better to hang out with your friends and so on.

We give you this oppertunity to get your country, culture and interests always close to you. We associate you with your roots, your culture and your people with this website.

If you want, you can not miss a very small moment of the events, news, music, etc. on your requirements and follow them for free.

Just watch, enjoy and let us know your suggestions and ideas to make this site richer and the best place for you, your family and your dear ones.

At any time you can write to us at to share your ideas and critics.

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